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The MN/WI Permit to Carry class is $75 for a limited time. Classes start at 10am and end around 2pm. Classes held Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays and every other Sunday by appointment. Anyone who has ever served in the military carry class will only be $50.  Also anyone who has taken our MN/WI Carry class, can take the FL Conceal carry for $25. It will be $50 if you didn't take the MN/WI from us.
  FL Classes held Tuesday and Saturdays at 4pm to 6pm.
 Email or call for details.
Open Monday thru Saturday and every other Sunday, Classes start at 10am. Walk ins are welcome
We offer the following courses and services:
  • MN/WI/FL Permit to Carry Courses
  • Personal Defense
  • Handgun Fundamentals
  • Tactical Pistol Training
  • Gun smithing
  • Gun cleaning
  • Scope mounting
  • Gun sighting(laser & bore)
  • Firearm Appraisals
  • Consignment sales
  • Firearm and Ammunition disposal
  • Discounts on Smart Security Gift Cards
  • Home and Business Security/Safety assessments
We carry ammo, holsters, knives, spring assist knives, ammo cans, magazines and many other accessories.
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